DIY - Identify emotions

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Expressing yourself helps with development

Emotional development allows children to understand and express their emotions

They hear on the radio 
the TV, at the table,
from an adult conversation

"Coronavirus", "Covid 19", and all sorts of other names. The lexical field of this period is extremely wide and may sometimes upset them.... 

Beyond dialogue between you and your child, this will mean bringing out what they know about it, their false ideas and their questions. You can then refine their knowledge.

Where is it? (In people’s bodies, in the liquid in their noses or their mouths)
How do you catch it? (from saliva when you cough or from sneezing and when people don’t wash their hands)
Why can’t we see it? (because it is very small, only a super machine can see it)
Why do we need to wash our hands? (soap kills it, but to be sure to really get rid of it, we finish up by drying our hands on a paper towel)

Help your children to figure out their emotions and moods in this very strange time in their lives.


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