Tips - How to choose your correct floating swimsuit size

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How do I choose the correct size?

The FibreAir revolution in you Plouf! floating swimsuits!

Why do you need to choose your Plouf swimming jacket size correctly?

Plouf!’s challenge was in guaranteeing the child is positioned horizontally, with their head above water and able to move freely.

We know that a child’s head is much heavier than the rest of their body.

Achieving perfect buoyancy required several layers of FibreAir® to be stacked on top of each other, according to the child’s weight.

Research by the Plouf teams has allowed for creating specific curves in keeping with the child’s age and size. The purpose of this was to spread the FibreAir® differently and thus maximize buoyancy, taking into consideration the change in the centre of gravity position in accordance with the child’s size and weight.

This swimsuit is an undeniably decisive progression from existing products: armbands, rubber rings and swimsuits with floats.

To date, none of these products have been able to combine comfort and safety at such a level.

In fact, even if the swimsuit is cut with a Stanley knife, tests prove that its buoyancy is in no way affected.


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